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T12 Technical Training:


PRIVATE SESSIONS -  Indoor Volleyball On-Court Training

Volleyball athletes can receive one on one or small group training.  This training can be all technical training (on-court), all physical training or combination of both.  Put in the hard work this off-season and see big improvements on the court next season or supplement your current training with extra attention on areas you need to focus on and see improvement this season!

​Sessions are open to 1-6 athletes per session, sessions are 1 hour in length.  Individual who books the session determines who and how many participants are in the session.  T12 does not construct training groups for these sessions.  

$120 plus HST per session for all sessions (Maximum of 6 athletes)



Week #1 - ELITE-CLUB VB CAMP - July 8-11 - 4 DAY

The T12 Summer Volleyball Camp is back again in 2024.  Coaches Kevin Hellyer and Mike Slean are going to be hosting a New Elite Summer Camp at a Durham High School this Summer.   There will be no outdoor courts at this camp.  There are 3 indoor courts with 3 age groups available:


Court #1 - 12/13U Athletes

Court #2 - 13/14U Athletes

Court #3 - 14/15U Athletes

*Age groups are the age groups that your athlete played in this past season.

Open to Male and Female athletes from any club.  Athletes will be grouped based on age and skill level.  


Please email for questions or possible exemptions.  Athletes will be put into appropriate training groups based on age and skill level.

LOCATION - To be determined for 2024 - Durham High School (permits are not available yet)



  • Camp will run from 9:00-12:00 Monday to Thursday

  • Open to athletes who played in the 12U to 15U age group (Players from all clubs welcome)

  • Training groups will be formed based on age and skill level

  • Focus of camp is on Indoor Volleyball Skills 

  • T12 Volleyball Camp Shirt included

  • Space is very limited

  • Cost - $320 plus HST



T12 Elite Beach Volleyball Team - 2024

T12 Open/Elite Beach Team

  • Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 - 6:30pm (Session 1) and 6:30-8:00pm (Session 2)

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00-6:30pm (Session 3) and 6:30-8:00pm (Session 4)

  • 10 Weeks - 19 Sessions and 1 Club Championship Tournament Friday July 5, 2024 - 9:00am start

  • Start Date Wednesday May 29 or Thursday May 30, 2024

  • Session start times are 5:00pm or 6:30pm each night

  • Location - Chestnut Hills Recreation Complex - Pickering

  • Training groups will be approximately 8 athletes on one court

  • Groups will have 20 training sessions throughout the Summer - 19 regular sessions and 1 tournament

  • Groups are made up of athletes of similar age and skill level - 8 athletes per group

  • Athletes must play competitive indoor volleyball in order to qualify for a training group - email with questions regarding group levels or to apply for exemption

  • No Session on Monday July 1, 2024 - Session will be made up on Wednesday August 5 (Civic Holiday but we are still on)   Last regular M/W session is Monday August 5, 2024.  Last regular T/T session is August 1, 2024.

  • Each T12 Beach team member will be given a training jersey 

  • Rain days will be rescheduled within the weeks of the program (average of 1 per Summer)

  • Additional Tournament opportunities will be offered in Pickering and Brooklin by T12

  • SESSION DATES: May 29th - 1st day for Monday and Wednesday Group, May 30th - 1st day for Tuesday and Thursday Group

  • COST: $750 plus HST per athlete ($847.50) for the Summer

  • To Register Click Button below






  • 13U Girls

  • 13U Boys

  • 13/14U Girls

  • 14U Boys

  • 15U Boys


  • 13U Girls

  • 13U Boys

  • 14U Girls

  • 14U Girls

  • 14U Boys


  • 15U Girls

  • 15U Boys

  • 16U Girls

  • 16U Girls

  • 17-18U Girls

Additional Outdoor Training Team Information:

Competition/Tournaments: athletes in the outdoor program are not required to play tournaments. Many athletes use the outdoor training sessions as training for next indoor season and some choose to use the training to prepare for beach volleyball tournaments.  The Ontario Volleyball Association runs tournaments throughout the Summer that players can participate in.  T12 also runs some tournaments at Brooklin and in Pickering.  T12 tournaments maximize playing time and minimize the time commitment of most tournaments.  

Partners: athletes can register with a partner but you do not need a partner to register for the program.  Most of the drills are done with all of the other players on your court.  When we play game simulation or game drills, players can play with their partner if they choose.

Weather: if the weather is not cooperating, a decision will be made to play or cancel shortly before the session begins.  If there is a light rain, we will continue to play.  Hard rain or lightning will be grounds for cancellation or a delay to wait to see if the weather passes.  T12 makes every effort possible to book make-up sessions.  Sessions are often added later in the week or at the end of the 10 week block. Follow @Team_12_Training on Instagram to get the latest updates on possible cancellations.


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