T12 Youth Training Options:


T12 Youth Membership - Ages 10-25

  • 1 session with a Personal Trainer to create training program

  • Use of Training App to get all workouts and training schedule sent to devices

  • Use of the Gym during open gym hours to complete training program

  • $125 plus HST per month

T12 Program Creation - All ages

  • 1 session with a Personal Trainer to complete baseline testing and initial assessment

  • Use of Training App to get workouts and training schedule sent to devices

  • 2 Training Phases included in the program creation (8 weeks)

  • Workouts completed at home or satellite facility

  • $150 per program

T12 Athlete Summer Membership - Ages 10-25

  • 3 months of training at the gym - June, July and August (June 1 to August 31, 2019)

  • Receive a personalized sport-specific program 

  • 3 Personal Training sessions with a T12 Trainer

  • Trainer on-site during all open gym hours to assist with program questions or concerns

  • Gym is open from 9-11am and 4-9pm Monday to Thursday, select Friday and weekend times too

  • Access to new recovery - prehab/rehab station with rollers, balls, bands and ice bags

  • Access to court for sport specific training and repetitions - volleyball and basketball schedule 

  • $375 plus HST 


*Back again in 2019 - Train with friends and combine your sessions to get more time in with a trainer


  • 2 athletes - 6 shared sessions

  • 3 athletes - 9 shared sessions

  • 4 athletes - 12 shared sessions


Volleyball Technical/Physical Training - New Pricing effective January 1, 2019

Volleyball athletes can receive one on one or small group training.  This training can be all technical training (on-court), all physical training or combination of both.  Put in the hard work this off-season and see big improvements on the court next season!

  1. 1 or 2 athletes - $80 per session

  2. 3 athletes - $30 per athlete per session

  3. 4 athletes - $25 per athlete per session

  4. 5 athletes - $22 per athlete per session

  5. 6 or more athletes - $120 per session


Sport Specific Training - Small Group or Team Training:


Team 12 Training has been creating programs for athletes and teams for over 20 years.  T12 has worked closely with coaches and athletes to create successful periodized training programs for a wide variety of sports.  T12 Training assesses the seasonal competition and training demands as well as seasonal team objectives to create an optimal sport-specific plan for individuals or teams.   The goal is to maximize each athlete's physical potential.  There are a number of weekly and monthly arrangements that can elicit the desired response.  Contact us to meet and figure out how T12 fits into your athlete or team's season.


There are a number of membership possibilities.


  • Team Training - fee to be determined by number of athletes - teams of 10-24 athletes possible.  Rates range from $8-$15 per athlete per session.


  • Small Group Sport Specific Training - 2 or more athletes

  1. 2 athletes - $40 per athlete per session

  2. 3 athletes - $30 per athlete per session

  3. 4 athletes - $25 per athlete per session

  4. 5 or more athletes - $10 - $22 per athlete per session


T12 Training Events: